Database of Free Japanese Directories

The following list is just a small sample of all the free directories available in Japan. Some of them automatically register you, some will check the website first.

The top-level domain is indicated (loosely defined as including the second level domain for Japanese domains. I consider any top-level domain ending in .jp better than others for Japanese SEO, and, and better than simple .jp.

The Google PageRank and IP address (as of this compiling) are also shown (except for newer entries). I try not to include directories on the same servers as other directories. A Google PageRank of 0 means Google has given the page the lowest possible PageRank; a hyphen indicates that Google has not (yet) given the page a PageRank number. The PageRank here is the so-called Toolbar PageRank.

Selected Japanese Directories Offering Free Registration
Directory Name TLD PR IP Address
Access TC Search .tc 0
Action Navi .com 3
Ad Affiliate Search .jp 3
Ad2Town .com 3
Attaka Navi .com 6
Blue Search .jp 0
Broval .jp 4
BUM Search 2
Business Life Search .com 0
Chikugo Navi .com 2
Coaching .com
Cute Kebi Net .net 0
DX World SEO Search Engine .jp 3
E-poketsearch .com 3
F-Stage Four .com 1
Google Directory (ODP/Dmoz Japan) 4
Hat-Hi-Ho Search Engine 1
IO Search .com 2
Iscle .com 5
J-Friends .jp 3
J-Search .net 4
Jidou Link 0
Joba .com
Kyoto Shukubo Guide .com
Leading Navi .com 1
MMI-NAVI .net 4
Nachau Search Engine .com 2
Net Island .jp 3
Netcenter .jp 4
News7 Web Search .jp 3
Number (N) INE Navi .com
Okiniiri .com 4
Planet Soft Line .cc
RenTubo Directory .com
Rose Search .jp 0
The Search .jp 5
Search Engine – Mayu Search .com 2
Search Engine CKE .com 2
Search Engine Free Registration Net .net 4
Search Engine Kirara Search .net 4
Search Engine Plus .net 3
Search Engine SEO-AQUA .com 4
Search Engine Sokugen .net 3
Search Engine Square .com 3
Seeds Hakkutsu Navi .com
Senbei Tsuhan .com
Shift Web Search Engine .org 3
Shiki Toroku 106 .com 4
Sougo Links .net 4
SQL Navi .com 0
Sumire Search .jp 1
Tokyo Soft Center .org 1
230Net Search .com 3
Web Home Business .com 2
Web Link
Web Search Japan .jp 3
Wheel Search .org 1
World Search .net 2
検索エンジン kensakusaku
kazuking directory
検索エンジン Mono Search
M9 Listing
個人サイト検索 あったかNAVI
Owl7 (related to Iscle, but dofollow)