Helpful SEO Tools

White Hat Tools

Here are a few Japan-based SEO tools:

Ferret Plus
SEO Tools
Japanese Search Engine List for URL Submission
WE3W — If you want to know the keywords for which a Japanese website ranks highly this site attempts to show you, unsuccessfully, in my use of it. I think they need a much bigger database and a lot more crawling for this to actually provide any useful information.

Black Hat Tools

Commercial services that offer scheduled Xrumer forum profile and blog comment spamming suffer from databases that do not include many dot-jp forums and blogs. If you run your own copy of Xrumer, presumably you could collect Japanese target sites with Hrefer, but another problem may be that many Japanese forums and blogs often use indigenous Japanese forum software, rather than the forum and blog software most commonly used in the west, for which the out-of-the-box Xrumer is optimized for.

Having said that, I suspect that NetReal’s link building service is based on Xrumer. At 15 yen per link and 1,000 links per month, I can’t imagine any other explanation. NetReal also offers registration in 1,000 directories and search engines for a fee. Neither service specifies that the links are from Japanese domains.

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