Japan Mobile SEO

Paid Mobile Directory Registration

Several of the paid directories we mention here have mobile options, either as a package with their web options, or as a separate registration. But there is one major paid directory that is only mobile: Froute.jp (pronounced “F Route”). Froute operates its own crawler, and has a number of specialized search features for mobile.

Froute has a directory in addition to a robot search, and through their Froute Business Premium service you can pay to be included in the directory. The price is a one-time fee of ¥31,500, and if approved you’ll be in the directory within as little as two days. Certain kinds of sites (the usual suspects of adult, dating, and loans, but also cosmetics and health foods and devices) are charged ¥105,000.

Metagrafic Infographic

SEO for mobile devices is important now and will become more important at a faster pace than in the United States. Here are some infographics from Metagrafic.com.