Japanese Search Engine Submission

Most of you know that search engine submission is a thing of the past. Google and other search engines find you pretty fast when you make a new website and begin to build links and register it in directories. But I’m getting some inbound traffic from people searching for information on it, so I made this page.

In Japan, as elsewhere, if you are really in a hurry for Google to know about your page, you can use their Add URL form (the English version works as well for Japanese pages). Google will know about your website, and it’ll be queued up for crawling, but since you’re not really going to rank until Google knows about your inbound links anyway, it’s not really necessary. Still, if you’re superstitious go ahead and do it.

You can also make an XML site map to help out the crawling a bit. This service is nice for that. In the U.S. Ask.com requires site submissions to be done in site map form, but Ask is not a player in Japan.

For other search engines:

  1. Submit your site to Bing
  2. Baidu URL registration
  3. Registering your own site in Naver (This one’s a little tricky: the submission form link only appears after you search for your URL in Naver and come up with nothing; a rather ingenious way of preventing unneeded submissions)

Every other search engine in Japan of any note whatsoever is just rebranded Google or Naver data.