On-Site Japanese SEO

Onsite Japanese SEO

Onsite SEO is the part of SEO that is closest to what you’re familiar with. In general, you figure out your keywords, the words and phrases that your target market will be using to search for sites like yours, and you then:

  • Cluster them in groups by similar theme
  • Write content about each theme for a single page
  • Make sure that the keywords appear in this content
  • Ensure that the keywords appear in page titles and headings

So far so good. If the barrier of the Japanese language didn’t exist, this would be simple.

How do you go about getting your content translated or written in Japanese? Options include translation marketplaces like Proz.com, Craigslist for various Japanese cities, freelancer marketplaces like oDesk and Elance, and specialist web developers who assist companies in producing Japanese websites. Sources are discussed on the Japanese contractors page. It certainly helps to get a translator or writer with experience in SEO.